Yashwant Core Banking

Yashwant Core Banking solution is our internally developed Banking software. It is a fully-equipped and sound software, which addresses to the bank’s requirements in the present and future. This software is designed specifically to meet the needs of a Co-Operative banking and it can manage all the banking operations at the Branch as well as The Head Office. It facilitates Branch Automation, Any Where Banking Transactions, Administration, Standing Instruction Execution, Back-up and Recovery (on line off-site and off-line back-up), Branch Consolidation, HO Accounting, HRD, Share Accounting, Investment, Branch and Bank Reconciliation, MIS etc.

Centralised Database System and Security/span> 

Most secured and high performance database management system Oracle 9i is used as backend and Developer 2000 as front end tool for Development. 

The system provides a comprehensive security and user activity monitoring system. The Bank can define its users depending on their cadre, which can be categorized into any number of user-defined levels. The system keeps track of user login, logout and activity details. 

The menu navigation for the every user can be parameterized as per the requirement of the Bank. All the forms have facility to add, modify, delete, inquiry and authorization according to the status provided to the users. The multilevel authorization system allows the Bank to assign value wise responsibility to officers.

Application Security
  • Typical Password security using Oracle Profile, Bio metric technique.
  • Separation of Users Database from Banks Main Database.
  • Remote data replication and online offsite backup facility

Head Office Modules
  • Bank Consolidation
  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounts and Investments
  • Bank and Branch Reconcialiation
  • Audit Trial
  • Shares


Other important Modules
  • NPA Management and Recovery
  • Counter Transactions
  • Interest Application
  • Management Information System
  • Credit Management System
  • Remittance
  • Asset Liability Management

System Control Modules
  • Parmeterization
  • User Creation and Management
  • Day begin and Day end