JPCBank Mobile Banking  Terms and Conditions :


  1. I/We declare that all particulars and information given in this application form are true, correct and complete and up to date to the best of my knowledge and in all respects.

  2. I/We agree and understand that The Jalgaon Peoples Co-op Bank Ltd. has all rights to reject my application for providing access to Mobile Banking facility without assigning any reasons thereof. The bank also reserves rights to retain all documents submitted with the application.

  3. Transaction initiated through Mobile Banking application are real time / instantaneous transactions and such are irrecoverable / non-retractable; Bank shall not entertain any request for revocation of transaction or stop payment request for transaction initiated through Mobile Banking.

  4. Customer shall be responsible for the safe custody and security of the Mobile Banking application downloaded on their mobile phones to avoid unauthorized usages and should immediately inform the Bank for disabling of Mobile Banking facility in case of loss or theft of mobile phone.

  5. For security reason customer are advised not to create simple MPIN like 1234 or 1111 or 2222 etc. which can be easily tried by third persons.

  6. Transaction request of the Account Holder shall be processed solely based on the information provided by Account Holder i.e Account Number, MMID, Mobile Number, IFSC Code. Account Holder shall be solely responsible for wrong credit due to wrong information provided by the Account Holder.

  7. The Bank shall not be responsible for non-execution or delay in execution of Account Holder’s request for transaction caused due to system or communication failure or due to any other reason beyond the control of the bank.

  8. Customer shall abide by the limits imposed by the Bank on maximum number of transaction and maximum amount permitted through Mobile Banking. Bank reserves the right to change maximum number of transaction and amount any time.

  9. The Bank may levy charges for Mobile Banking facility and Account Holder shall bear the charges as levied by the Bank from time to time for this facility. The charges as and when levied / modified shall be displayed on the bank’s website and it shall be the responsibility of Account Holder to visit the Bank’s website from time to time.

  10. Customer shall not use Mobile Banking channel for transfer of funds for illegal activities.

  11. Bank shall be at liberty to affect any change in terms and conditions from time to time, without any prior notice. In addition to above Account Holders shall also be guided by Terms and Conditions of Mobile Banking Facility as mentioned at the Bank’s website.